Free Weights & Weight Training at Zip Fitness

We encourage members of all experience levels to use our free weight area. Zip Fitness provides a full array of free weights for strength training, including dumbbells (up to 75lbs), barbells, and benches.

ActivTrax online personal trainer will provide a new, customized workout every day based on your personal preferences and goals – see Zip Gold for more details.

Not sure where to start when it comes to weight training? Or whether to use free weights or weight machines? Don’t worry! Our GYM GENIUS offers free fitness instruction to all members - learn how to use our equipment and optimize your experience today!

Have questions on how anything works?  Just ask one of our friendly staff members for a complete demonstration! We look forward to helping  you reach your fitness goals at Zip Fitness. Visit one of our locations in Chicago, Bolingbrook, Joliet, or Waukegan to tour our neighborhood gyms and learn more about our low cost, contract free membership. 

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