Locker Rooms at Zip Fitness

Zip Fitness takes pride in its large, clean locker rooms. We provide over 100 lockers for your daily use, as well as first-class full shower and toilet facilities. You bring your own lock, towels and shower supplies.

For anyone who has been to a gym before, you know that that condition of a locker room can make or break your experience at that fitness center. At Zip Fitness we understand the importance of keeping the locker rooms at our gyms clean and sanitary at all times. If you are looking to join a gym for the first time, Zip Fitness has tips for you on what to look for in a good locker room facility. Better yet, visit one of our locations in Joliet, Harlem-Foster, Round Lake Beach, or Waukegan to tour our facilities. See for yourself what a locker room should look like! Our spacious and clean locker rooms at Zip Fitness offer our members an area to cool-off in after an intense workout. Complete with amenities and lockers to secure your belongings, our locker rooms provide a stress-free environment for you to prepare for your workout or get ready for your day after exercising. 

Visit us for a tour today and learn more about membership at Zip Fitness

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