Stretching & Core Strength 

Zip Fitness locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs have large stretching and core strength areas that provide you with the space and equipment you need to build a strong core. We offer True Fitness Club Stretch Stations with detailed instructions on how to make every part of your body more flexible. At Zip Fitness you will find a full array of mats, bands, balls, body bars and other equipment you can use to improve your flexibility and abdominal strength.


Stretching is essential to any workout. Whether you are working on calorie burning through cardio workouts or strength training with lifting exercises, stretching should be a part of your routine. Stretching regularly will prevent injury and prevent soreness following a workout.


If you are looking for a fitness program including stretching tips, Zip Fitness is the place to go. With personal training opportunities and specialized equipment, you’re sure to achieve your goals with our cheap gym membership at one of our Chicagoland locations.


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