A Zip Fitness Membership gives you a lot

If you think signing up for one of our cheap gym memberships in Chicago simply gets you access to a couple treadmills and a few free weights, think again.  A gym membership to Zip Fitness in Chicago is affordable. But, that does not mean that a gym membership to Zip Fitness is not impressive.  The truth is, our cheap gym membership in  Chicago offers so much more than you might expect. Continue reading

What gets you motivated?

As part of the network of Chicagoland health clubs, at Zip Fitness, we want to know what gets you motivated.  Of course, there is a long list of reasons why staying fit is a great idea, and no reason is right or wrong.  People are motivated by lots of different reasons.  Below we offer a few of our personal reasons for staying motivated. Continue reading

Three tips for treadmill running

Perhaps you are one of those people who can hang out on the treadmill for hours like it is no big deal.  But, if you are like me, getting two miles in on a treadmill might be the hardest thing you have accomplished in the last five years.  Yes, I will admit it – I hate running on the treadmill!  But, living in and around Chicago, the weather can keep you from running outside for months on end, which makes running on the treadmill a necessity.  Below I offer three tips that help me get the job done.  Hopefully they can help you knock out your next treadmill workout with ease! Continue reading

Three month check-in on your New Year’s Resolution

At Zip Fitness, we would like to check in with you regarding your New Year’s Resolution to achieve and maintain weight loss.  Chicago is warming up and with that comes more revealing outfits and more frequent trips to the beach.  So, how is your New Year’s Resolution to get fit going?  We are into the third month of the year, and research shows if you can maintain a routine for three months, it is much more likely to become a habit.  Have you maintained your New Year’s Resolution fitness regime? Continue reading

Its that time of year again – beach season is just around the corner!

Though it might not seem like it now, beach season really is just around the corner.  And of course, beach season means swimsuits and skimpy clothes.  Why not make this year the year that you embrace less threads with open arms.  If you stop into our Zip Fitness fitness center in Bolingbrook and sign up for a membership today, you can be looking beach ready in no time. Continue reading

Get on a body maintenance routine

Sometimes the key to starting a healthier routine is the change the way you think about your fitness.  Sure, if you focus on the fact that your life is already demanding enough and making yourself go to the gym when you are already beat can be, well, just plain depressing, you probably will not make it to the gym.  If you do happen to make it in, focusing on how much your workout is hurting will likely make your hour-long gym visit feel like an all day affair. Continue reading

Be the inspiration in someone’s life

If you are reading this blog, you likely fall into one of two categories.  You are either an avid exerciser who eats, sleeps, and breathes fitness, or you are someone who is just joining the bandwagon, having decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  We often write this blog with the latter group in mind, offering tips for how to get into a healthy fitness routine that will be easy to maintain.  Today, however, we would like to focus on those of you that have already made your fitness a top priority.

Continue reading

Pay yourself first

We have all heard the advice “pay yourself first.”  Usually this advice is given in a financial context.  But, “pay yourself first” is very fitting advice when it comes to your health and fitness, too.  As a health club serving Chicagoland, Zip Fitness wants everyone to pay themselves first when it comes to their wellness routine. Continue reading

Keep your New Year’s Resolution on track with Zip Fitness

By this point in the New Year, most of us have given up on our New Year’s Resolution.  Perhaps we made a resolution that was never achievable in the first place, but more likely is that we are running out of motivation and we are quickly falling back into our old unhealthy routines.  At Zip Fitness, our goal is to keep you motivated year around in order to achieve your weight loss goals.  Our Chicago based gyms are conveniently located to help you get your workout in on a regular basis, no matter where you are located in Chicagoland. Continue reading