Warm up and stay happy in our tanning booths

This week’s weather gets a big thumbs down, agreed?  And unfortunately, we know that this week’s weather is representative of worse times to come.  This is where Zip Fitness comes in, keeping the summer vibes going.  What’s that you say, you thought Zip Fitness was a fitness center?  Well, if you didn’t know, in addition to an awesome workout facility at each Zip Fitness location across Chicagoland, each location also offers state of the art tanning booths.  With Zip Fitness tanning deals, Waukegan winters have never felt so close to the Caribbean. Continue reading

With cold weather, the gym is your friend

Across Chicagoland, the weather has changed and we all know what this means – we can kiss summer goodbye because winter is on its pretty little way.  And, as residents of Chicagoland, we also all know that winter means brutally cold temperatures, wind that will chill you to the bone, and more snow than all of us deserve.  There is no denying that life changes in and around Chicago when winter weather comes.

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Take your fitness to the next level with strength training

So you have been working on your fitness level of late.  You have been getting a good cardio session in three times a week for the last several weeks.  Good for you!  Keep it up!  And, as a fitness center offering a gym membership at one of our five Zip Fitness locations around Chicagoland, we would like to suggest that you add a day or two a week of strength training at one of our fitness centers.  You can take your fitness to the next level with a strength training routine. Continue reading

Keep your summer glow all year with Zip Fitness

This past week, the weather has turned from warm and sunny to overcast and chilly.  There is no denying that summer has come to an end and fall has officially set in.  This means that your beautiful summer glow will soon begin to fade.  However, if you would like to keep your summer glow all year around, you can do so with Zip Fitness.  At Zip Fitness we have conveniently placed state of the art Hex II tanning booths within our workout facilities, so you can easily keep your summer glow all year around! Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Stretch!

At Zip Fitness, we like to use this blog space as another source of our support to our Zip Fitness members in their quest for a healthy, happier, more fit self.  This month we would like to remind you to remember to stretch.  Arguably, remembering to stretch could be the most important fitness advice we can give.  We promise you that if you incorporate stretching into your fitness routine you will feel better and get more out of your workouts, too. Continue reading

Weight loss in a nutshell

Weight loss really can be broken down to a nutshell.  We know and fully acknowledge that science continues to discover new theories as to what makes us fat or skinny.  We also are glad that it is finally being accepted that its not the same for everybody.  At Zip Fitness we have always known this.  However, in a nutshell, we also believe that weight loss can be achieved.  At first it won’t be easy, but we believe if you stick to the plan, you will lose weight and eventually, you will even change your mindset on how “easy” it is, too! Continue reading

Let Zip Fitness help you get in shape

At Zip Fitness we love helping get people into shape.  We love doing this because we love watching the transformation that occurs both physically and emotionally.  To use a silly but telling metaphor – it is like watching a caterpillar become a butterfly.  Anyways, because we love helping people get into shape so much, we are constantly trying to come up with new ways to make this happen! Continue reading

What’s your weight loss solution?

Many of us map out a plan to achieve a goal we have.  We take time to carefully consider all of the hard work that must be completed in order to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Weight loss is no different.  In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you need a weight loss solution, or multiple solutions, to get there.  Maybe one of your weight loss solutions is cutting out soda (the regular stuff AND the diet).  Maybe one of your weight loss solutions is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Continue reading

Become a member of Zip Fitness for less than you might think!

Having a fancy, expensive gym membership is certainly all the craze right now.  But we would like to remind you that trends end, and usually those who bought into the trend are left with some expensive, trendy item asking themselves why they purchased such a silly thing.  We promise you that you will feel this way when you realize how much money you are throwing away on an expensive gym membership. Continue reading

Gear up now to keep your summer tan going

You have likely heard about our Zip Fitness gym facilities and the extremely affordable gym memberships that we offer.  But did you know that after getting your sweat on at one of our conveniently located Zip Fitness locations you can also get your tan on?  That’s right, Zip Fitness features state of the art tanning facilities, too.  And, just like our Zip Fitness gym memberships, being a Zip Fitness Tanning member is convenient, inexpensive, and fun! Continue reading