Celebrity Health & Fitness Advice We Need To Stop Listening To

When it comes to finding inspiration to hit the gym or eat a cleaner, healthier diet, we often turn to our favorite celebrities to stay motivated. But are they really the right people to be following religiously when it comes to health and fitness tips and tricks? Check out what some experts think about the celebrity health advice we so often hear about and follow, and how they might not be as helpful as we’ve have been led to believe. Continue reading

How Your Sleep Impacts Your Health

You’ve probably heard that skimping on sleep can fuel your appetite for sweets, rob you of the will to exercise, and set you up for weight gain. But an erratic sleep schedule may have even more concerning effects than you realize.  If you’re getting less than the recommended amount of snooze time per night, here are a few important reasons you need to make sleep more of a priority for your health’s sake. Continue reading

One Simple Trick to Lose Weight

It’s time to stop clicking on those links, since the only people for whom those “solutions” work are the ones separating you from your hard-earned money. For all the complaints from some quarters about “Big Pharma,” it’s worth noting that the supplement industry is also enormous and also pays vast sums to employ lobbyists to block regulation. And those lobbyists have earned their keep; the supplement industry is largely unregulated, and as long as they don’t pitch their pills as medicine, there’s no real penalties for their product not working as advertised, or even not containing the ingredients they’re supposed to.  Continue reading

Is Low Fat Really Better For You?

Scientific research around the way we eat — and the dietary guidelines, diet books, and public health policy that often stems from it — can be confusing at best. Everything’s bad for you, at least ’til it’s not. Eggs, cholestorol, wine, beer, coffee, nuts, and whole grains have all been pegged as bad for you at one time or another, and overnight it seems like cottage industries spring up as authors take the results of a single study and decide to build an entire diet or lifestyle around it. A short time — sometimes a year, sometimes a decade — passes, and what was bad suddenly turns out not to be.  Continue reading

Eat Well At Work to Lose Weight

You’re bound and determined to lose weight. You take the dog for a jog first thing in the morning, eat a light and healthy breakfast, work out after work, have a sensible dinner, drink enough water to drown a fish, and even take your vitamins. All that, and the scale doesn’t budge. Worse still, maybe it inches up just a little higher every now and again as if to taunt you. You suspect you’re doing something wrong, but you’ve no idea what. Sound a bit familiar?  Continue reading

Stay Fit At Your Desk

If you work in a physically demanding field — maybe you’re a contractor, a landscaper, or a commercial fisherman — or your retail job has you on your feet and moving all day, you can probably skip this article and come back next week. The rest of you — of us — who are tethered to a desk eight to nine hours a day, however, should keep reading. Here are a few tips so that your time on the job doesn’t undo the healthy habits you’re trying to work into the rest of your day to stay fit and lose weight.  Continue reading

Staying Fit: Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!

If you’re working behind a desk for 40 or more hours per week, that desk job could be harming your body no matter how much good it’s doing your bank account. Studies have shown that people who spend large amounts of time sedentary are at higher risk for several types of health problems. These include circulation problems, blood clots, neck and back strain, diabetes, weight gain, diminished mental capacity, loss of bone density, and increased risk of early death. If you factor in other sedentary activities such as television watching and playing video games, the risk climbs higher still. Since nobody wants to be a stiff, unhealthy, diabetic and diseased mess, it’s clear that a change is in order. So what can you do?  Continue reading

Restarting Your Workout with ZIP Fitness

If building up the discipline and motivation to get into a daily workout regimen is hard, coming back from a pause in your workout is even harder. We can feel our muscles turning to marshmallow, and those pants are a bit more snug than they used to be. It doesn’t even have to be a catastrophic injury, either. Anything from a sprained ankle to a bout of food poisoning, cutting your foot on your son’s Legos in the middle of the night, or binge-watching a new show can be enough to take you off your game for a few days, and then a few days turns into a few more days, which turns into — well, you get the picture.  Continue reading

ZIP Fitness Asks: What’s Your Motivation?

A random Google search for personal fitness training will turn up hundreds of thousands of results, among them plenty of advice on how to train, when to train, what to eat or drink when you’re training, and how to find the best personal fitness trainer. The one question you won’t see asked nearly often enough is a simple one that you shouldn’t ever overlook. Why are you training? At ZIP Fitness, we think that question — the one that gets to the heart of your motivation — is one of the most important you can ask.  Continue reading