Introducing the
Gym Genius

The Gym Genius is an experienced fitness trainer who is dedicated to improving your Zip Fitness experience.



Consult the Gym Genius if you want to:

  • Take a new member orientation tour
  • Learn how to use any piece of equipment
  • Design a new workout to meet your fitness needs

Look for the red Gym Genius shirt today!

Getting into the grove of your fitness routine can be tricky but don’t let those free weights or cardio machines intimidate you! Zip Fitness would like to introduce the Gym Genius. Free to all members, you can consult a Gym Genius to ensure you are using all the equipment at our Chicago-area gyms correctly or to develop a fitness regimen that works for your individual needs. Get on the right track and start making progress towards your fitness or weight loss goals today! Stop by Zip Fitness to learn more and to speak with a Gym Genius yourself. Not a member yet? No problem! Sign up to become a member at Zip Fitness today.


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