Stretching & Core Strength

Zip Fitness offers large stretching and core strength areas that provide you with the space and equipment you need to build a strong core.

You will find a full array of mats, bands, balls, body bars and other equipment you can use to improve your flexibility and abdominal strength. We offer True Fitness stretch stations with detailed instructions on how to improve your flexibility.

Don’t know how to use the equipment? Need suggestions on meeting your fitness goals? No problem! Our friendly staff and personal trainers are always available to show you how everything works and guide you on your path to better health and wellness. Come in and see us today!

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  • Stretching and Core
  • Stretching and Core
  • Stretching and Core
  • Stretching and Core

Core Workouts

Stretching is essential to any workout. Whether you are working on calorie burning through cardio workouts or strength training with lifting exercises, stretching should be a part of your routine. Stretching regularly will prevent injury and prevent soreness following a workout.

Friendly. Fun. Affordable.

Zip Fitness facilities are designed for members of all experience and fitness levels. We encourage first-time and casual fitness users to give us a try – we will provide the fitness resources you need to enjoy your exercise experience and improve your health and well-being. Not to mention, you’ll have some fun while you’re at it!

Have questions on how anything works here at Zip Fitness? Just ask one of our friendly staff members, and they will give you a complete demonstration, let you know what to expect when you sign up, and answer any fitness questions you may have.

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What is Zip Fitness?

Zip Fitness is a community gym that offers affordable membership to those in the Chicagoland area. Our state-of-the art fitness centers feature the latest cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights, along with access to our team of personal fitness trainers.

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Visit a Zip Fitness Chicagoland fitness center in Round Lake Beach for a tour of your community gym. Zip Fitness is proud to offer low membership costs with no hidden fees or long-term commitment! Sign-up and start working out today!