Best Summer Workouts of 2016

Summer is finally here! Is your #BeachBod ready? Maybe, maybe not. But summer doesn’t just mean showing off your body, it also means maintaining it. So, whether you are at the beach, the pool, in the mountains, or in the city, we would like to share a few of our favorite outdoor summer workouts.

  1. Swimming – of course! One of the ways we all try to make the summer heat bearable is by getting in a cool pool (or another body of water). Swimming or treading water gets your heart beating and, therefore, is a great cardio workout. The water provides extra resistance, so it works your legs and arms in ways that running or walking cannot. It’s also very low impact, saving your joints from the impact they experience during a run or a walk.
  1. Canoeing. This is a great way to use water in your workout, without having to get wet – unless you overturn your canoe! You can do this by yourself or with a friend. This activity works your abs, obliques, shoulders, and back. Be sure to switch sides you are rowing to get a balanced workout.
  1. Hiking. Get out and explore nature while you take a long hike. Mountain hikes are usually cooler because the trees provide shade. But what is also great about hiking is you’re not just walking, you are bending, squatting, and pushing yourself during your hike. It’s a total body workout!
  1. Beach running or walking. Sand adds an entirely different element to any workout. It’s great resistance and can help build your ankle stability as well.

When all else fails, and you just want to switch it up, take your hand weights, kettle bell, and mat out to your backyard and do your normal weight lifting routine. Soak up the sun and get your workout in!

As you do these workouts outside this summer, be sure to keep a few things in mind, like the impact heat has on your workout. You will get fatigued faster, so drink lots of water. Let your body take time to adjust to the warmer weather. It takes five to 10 days for your body to adjust to working out in the heat. So, go easy on yourself the first few days. To avoid peak temperatures, consider working out in the morning or evening before or after the sun has gone down. And finally, wear SPF to protect your skin.

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