End-of-Summer Exercises

Summer is in full effect! As much as we think it’s easier to get our workouts in during the summer it may not be with travel, parties, the kids out of school etc. But when it gets tough to fit in workouts it is important to get creative! We’ve got a few ideas. Keep reading for additional information.

During the summer you will often find yourself at a pool trying to avoid the heat. This is a perfect place to do a workout. Jump into the deep end and swim a few laps, tread water for 20 minutes or run in the shallow end. We know it sounds silly. But the water provides resistance you wouldn’t get during a normal run and you aren’t burdening your knees with a whole lot of impact.

If your water adventures take you to a lake you can take a walk in the sand which is also a great low impact workout with a bunch of resistance. Or you can bring a volleyball, football or Frisbee and start up a friendly game. Rowing can be a full body workout, so find a kayak or row boat and go to town. You’ll work your abs, arms, and back!

Maybe your travel plans have you more in-land with no water nearby. That’s ok too! Get out and explore. Find a bike path or hiking path and spend the day exploring every nook and cranny. Be sure to pack a lunch or at least a little snack and give yourself some time to rest.

If you have kids and you find yourself at the playground a lot this summer use that time to get your workout in. You can do suspension moves on the swings – split squats, roll outs, or reverse crunches. You can use a bench to do bench squats, step ups, bench dips or incline push-ups. Then there’s the obvious monkey bars. On the monkey bars you can do pull-ups, chin-up and hanging ab crunches.

Summertime is also packed with weekend festivals. Is your favorite band playing? Go check them out and drag your friends to the dancefloor with you. There’s nothing like working up a sweat to your favorite live music! There are also a bunch of 5k’s to sign up for or basketball tournaments to compete in. Really you can do anything outside! So, be creative and don’t let your travel plan cramp your workout flow!

Need a few more ideas? Swing by Zip Fitness and talk to any of our personal trainers. Also, check out the cardio machines and weight equipment we have. You are sure to find a way to mix it up and be creative at our Chicago, IL area gyms. We hope to see you soon!

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