Exercise Trends for 2015 at Zip Fitness

Here at Zip Fitness, we are committed to making sure you have an incredible experience. Whether you’re interested in cardio, strength building or experimenting with both, we have more than enough equipment and expertise to make sure you accomplish your goals. Of course, while individual goals are crucial, there are always community trends we see each year in the fitness arena and we’ve identified four for you here. Take a look and feel free to contact us is you have any questions.

Obstacle courses. We saw the rise of mud course like the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and others in the last couple of years. Now there are even TV shows dedicated to proving who the strongest person is through obstacle courses. Interest in this area of fitness will continue to grow with a focus on creating even more innovative and interesting obstacles. One of the reasons these courses are so popular is that they act as great goals for those working out. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym every week. But with a race in mind, finding that willpower is a bit easier. Our gyms in Chicago are equipped to help you prepare for any such courses.

Trackers. With the introduction of wearables like the Apple Watch, tracking your everyday fitness goals has become one of the biggest trends. Fitbit has taken America by storm—you’ll find these fitness trackers inside the homes and offices of people who previously hadn’t thought twice about hitting the gym. The ability to monitor one’s daily progress in the form of increased steps, calories burned, and more activity overall has proved to be a huge source of motivation. Feel free to bring your tracker with you to your personal-fitness training session in Bolingbrook to see all the progress you’re making!

Shorter, more intense workouts. A lot of people have the motivation to work out but find that they’re short on the time necessary to do so. Given our long commutes and even longer work hours, blocking out time for a fitness routine can be tricky. Our personal trainers in Joliet are absolutely willing to teach you techniques that will allow you to maximize the intensity of your workouts in the precious little time you have available. We want to help you accomplish your goals, and that shouldn’t come at the cost of other important aspects of your life.

Functional fitness. There may also be more demand for functional fitness in the coming months. Some people think of fitness as something only for dedicated athletes who specialize in particular sports or plan to run a marathon. But fitness is incredibly helpful for everyone’s everyday activity, like playing with your kids, lifting heavy boxes and so much more. Our gym membership comes with a consultation to find out what your needs are and how we can help you create goals to fill them.

Stop by the Zip Fitness location nearest you at any time to check out our gym! We’d love to have you.