Getting Fit for Fall- End of Summer Fitness Tips

The summer season is coming to an end, and the fall season is upon us. As the temperatures gets lower and the days get shorter, it can be hard to find that motivation to workout. But fall is the beginning of a new season and therefore the perfect time to make a commitment to yourself to get into shape. Set the bar high before winter gets here and you really want to hibernate. We have a few tips on how you can prep for your fall fitness. Keep reading for more information!

Get outside – The weather during the fall season is the perfect time to get outside! It’s not too hot, and not too cold. Take a run and watch the leaves change colors, or take a walk while you search for your perfect pumpkin. Be sure to stock up on long sleeve shirts and long pants for your outdoor workouts. You can dress in layers to keep your body warm, but allow yourself to remove pieces of clothing as your body starts to heat up. Keeping your head covered is also important, as this will make sure you don’t get sick.

Try something new – Fall is a great time to try a different fitness routine. Many parks and rec groups release their new class schedules and there may be a class on that schedule that you would like to try, like fencing, yoga, or salsa dancing. There’s also a plethora of Fall 5K’s that you can sign up for.

Renew your gym membership or build your own at-home-gym – don’t let the shorter days or the cooler temperatures keep you from getting your workout in. If you have a gym membership or an at-home gym, there are no excuses not to get in your 30 minutes per day.

Fuel your body – Fall brings a variety of foods that are made just for the season, like honeycrisp apples, cinnamon oatmeal, and teas. Gobble up the goodness and you’ll see it has a positive impact on your workouts.

Be active while you enjoy your Fall TV shows – many of your favorite TV shows will kick off another season in the upcoming months. Consider adding a few crunches or squats while you watch.

It is especially important for you to stay fit in the fall because there are even more holidays that focus on eating – Halloween with all that candy and Thanksgiving with all that turkey! Set yourself up for a healthy winter by being consistent now.

If you want some help getting fit or staying motivated this upcoming fall, come see us at to Zip Fitness in the Chicago, IL area and talk to any of our personal trainers. We have all the weight and cardio machines in our fitness center that you need to achieve your fitness goals as well as tanning booths to keep you sun kissed all fall long. We hope to see you soon!