Great Exercises to do with a Gym Buddy



Working out is great for your mind, body, and spirit. But it can also be a bit isolating when it’s just you, an audiobook, and the elliptical, or being alone on the weight bench with nothing but your thoughts. One thing we’ve learned over the years at Zip Fitness is that you get more out of your gym membership when you’ve got a buddy along. Here are a few simple tips that help you get it right.


Choose the Right Gym Buddy


There are three key things to remember here. First, you should both have similar personalities. If you respond well to an upbeat personality, it won’t help if your gym buddy is like a drill sergeant. Second, you should have similar schedules. Second, if you’re a morning person and your buddy is a night owl, or if she’s not available when you’re ready to sweat off the pounds, it’s not helping either of you. Third, your goals should also be similar. If your goal is healthy weight loss and theirs is looking like the next Mr. Olympia, there’s going to be a fundamental mismatch.


Why Have a Gym Buddy?


There are a few reasons that having a gym buddy is a good idea. For one, as long as your schedules and goals are similar, each of you will have someone to help with motivation and accountability. There’s also someone who’ll encourage you to try new things (and remind you not to skip leg day). And having a workout partner helps keep you safe, since someone can remind you to dial it back if you’re overdoing it, or simply act as a spotter while you’re using the free weights in our Chicago fitness center.


Exercises to Try


Some things — indoor tanning, treadmills — don’t really lend themselves to working in pairs. Others, however, go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re using our resistance equipment, going the extra mile on our treadmills or exercise bikes, or getting in a pre-workout stretch, find ways to add some friendly competition to the equation. Use each others’ body weight for isometrics and better stretching. Our trainers can show you more creative ways to use everything from resistance bands to medicine balls in ways that give you and your BFF a workout that’ll help you work together!


Maybe you can’t think of a gym buddy. Maybe everyone’s schedules conflict with yours. No matter. Visit your nearest Zip Fitness location today. You’ll make plenty of friends once you’re here, many of whom are working toward the same health and fitness goals as you. Need a little extra motivation? Our personal trainers will be tough on you — and make you feel great about it! Call or visit our Chicago area locations — including Bolingbrook, Joliet, and Waukegan — today.