Top Five Fitness Trends for 2018

We don’t have a crystal ball at Zip Fitness. They’re too easy to drop if you’re sweaty after a long workout. So we did the next best thing: we looked at what the experts are saying about the state of fitness in the year ahead. Here are five developments that are set to shape getting in shape whether you live near Chicago or way out in the ‘burbs.

One: Low Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) gets a makeover in more than name. Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) gets the same results with less stress. Rather than alternating jogging with high-intensity sprints (for instance), science has found that you can get similar cardio fitness results on a walk by varying your pace between a stroll and a brisk hustle. It’s a longer workout (by about 30-40 minutes), but it has its advantages. There’s less impact on your back and your joints, less chance of strain or injury, and the lower speed and intensity also makes it easier to stick to your workout — which, itself, can lead to sustained results instead of frustration.

Two: Age-Appropriate Training

It’s no secret that millions of Baby Boomers are heading into retirement with an eye toward living fitter, healthier, and longer lives. At the same time, Generation X is eyeing the onset of middle age and realizing it’s time to find an age-appropriate personal trainer. The habits that work in your twenties won’t cut it when you’re pushing fifty (or seventy-five), so Chicago gyms and others will have to step up their game with customized workouts for different age levels.

Three: Group Training

Training in a group — whether it’s strangers at your Yoga class, coworkers hitting the gym after work, or the whole family building great workout and health habits — is beneficial on a number of levels. Group fitness classes are less expensive than one-on-one sessions, they’re energetic, and there’s a built-in sense of camaraderie and accountability that keeps people coming back. We should know. Our Round Lake Beach Zip Fitness location offers great group classes!

Four: Intermittent Fasting

Interval training is popular, and highly effective. Intermittent fasting, which has been around for a few years but is poised to go mainstream, does something similar for your diet. Cycling between fasting days on which you eat drastically fewer calories and “normal” days on which you maintain a normal caloric intake has been scientifically shown to increase metabolism. In conjunction with a personal trainer, it’s a great path to healthy weight loss.

Five: Artificial Intelligence

Self-driving cars are just over the horizon. Nobody’s going to invent a self-riding recumbent bike to flatten your belly while you lounge on the couch gorging on ice cream. That doesn’t mean your workout can’t go high-tech. Artificial intelligence (AI) will analyze data about your workout, personal habits, diet, and other factors in order to personalize and supercharge your workout.

These are our predictions. There’s really only one forecast that matters, though: whether you’ll get up off your butt and get to the gym. Don’t wait ’til New Year’s Day to resolve to make a lifestyle change. Get a head start with Zip Fitness. Our Chicago area fitness centers are friendly, fun, and convenient. We’ll get you on — or back on — track for your best life!