Valentine’s Day the Healthy Way



Whether you think it’s the most romantic day of the year or just a grand conspiracy on the part of the greeting card companies. Valentine’s Day is a great time for romance. Before you load up on chocolate and oysters, Zip Fitness has some simple tips to keep your romantic life on track — not just on February 14, but on the other 364 days of the year, too.


Stay Fit

Whether you’ve got a special someone or you’re going through a bit of a dry spell these days, you can’t go wrong with a good fitness regimen. It’s not just about looking better naked (though, let’s face it, that’s a definite perk). Better fitness means better cardiovascular health. It also means better health in other areas of life as well; the diabetes risk, poor circulation, and other problems that go with being overweight can cause sexual dysfunction.


Improve Your Frame of Mind

Being fit has other benefits besides physical well-being. You’re likely to feel less fatigue, for one thing. The endorphins released by a good cardio workout are a great way to combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the cold and dark winter months, and can make you feel great the rest of the year as well. The spillover from that, in turn, creates a boost of confidence that makes you feel great about yourself and can even be alluring to other people.


Improve Your Diet

A quick Google search reveals dozens of foods that are supposed aphrodisiacs. The simple fact of the matter is that none of those foods are foolproof. You’re better off with something that’s nourishing, tasty, and light. Varied flavors keep the simple pleasure in eating, while the smaller portions keep you from feeling too stuffed and bloated for other activities later.


Work Out Together

Valentine’s Day is still early enough in the year that we haven’t all given up on our New Years’ resolutions. If getting in shape is on you and that special someone’s list of priorities, make a date night of it. That may not sound as glamorous as reservations at a high-end restaurant, but there’s good reason for giving it a go: if someone you love is trying to get in shape and you’re supportive enough to sweat it out next to them, that’s going to mean more than a Hallmark card. Bonus tip: unwind post-workout with a relaxing hydro massage.


Plan Ahead

Yes, it’s cold enough that even the penguins at the zoo are looking for sweaters. But it won’t always be this cold. Getting in shape at your Chicago area fitness center won’t just make for a nice Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great way to get a jump on your beach body!


Trying to get that spark back? Sometimes it starts with a personal trainer to light a fire under you. Zip Fitness helps people from all over the Chicago area find their mojo in the weight room, on the cardio equipment, and even back home. Find a Zip Fitness location near you!